building fassade, done in moi

 From:  moka
Here are some images of a project we recently worked on.

The project is a new office and retail building in the centre of Hamburg, Germany.
The existing building was torn down but the historical facade was preserved and is being reconstructed at the lower levels. We had already done CGI work on this project, and were contracted now to do a 10x11m tall image of the project, to be placed as a 1 to 1 placeholder while construction is going on.
There were no existing photographs at the resolution required, and we decided therefore to model the facade in MOI, with the details drawn from reference photographs.

Modeled in moi, rendered in Advanced Render and Final Render, in Cinema4d (some model tweaks done in Cinema4d).
Compositing in Pshop.

Architect: André Poitiers, client: Famos Immobilien, CGI: moka-studio

A montage of the project we had previously produced:

Construction site:

Final poster:

Occlusion pass:

EDITED: 4 May 2009 by MOKA