Open file in multiple window

 From:  Michael Gibson
2613.9 In reply to 2613.8 
Hi Ella,

> As a variant on the same theme, what about having the same
> model open in multiple windows?

Yes, I do expect to have this one eventually.

The concept for it is accommodated in the current architecture - basically there is the idea built in that there can be more than one "viewpanel", which is the area of the main window that displays the viewports.

At some point I do expect to be able to open up an additional window that has another viewpanel on it, which would have its own control in that window for switching that window's viewpanel between Split/Top/Front/Right/3D modes, which would be independent of the main window's view panel.

The main reason that has not been finished yet is that this new window will need a somewhat different UI design than the main window currently has - it probably won't need a side pane and full length command bar at the bottom, so probably its UI elements will need to be slightly different, with some "inset" type panels for controls rather than ones that are docked along the entire length of the frame window.

I haven't had time yet to work on the UI design for those.

- Michael