Open file in multiple window

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Anis, just to get back to answer your original question:

> Have you a plan to create multiple window open for MoI ?

No - I do not have any plan currently to change this part.

> I mean its like in MSWord you go to Pull Down Menu Window

In recent versions of Word, that Window pull-down menu is just a repeat of the same information provided by the operating system in the taskbar shell UI.

It's just repeated there additionally in Word because of the legacy "Multiple Document Interface" system that Word used to be configured to use a long time ago (prior to Office 2000).

For MoI there would not be anything to be gained by repeating that same list of open windows that the operating system is already set up to show you.

In the new Windows 7 version coming up, I believe that Microsoft has changed the way that the list of open windows is displayed in the task bar, so that there is only one program icon and it will pop up a menu of open windows when you move over it. It sounds like you would prefer that system over how the operating system currently functions so you may want to switch to Windows 7 to get that functionality when it is released. But in general that "manage list of open windows" stuff is something that I plan to leave to the operating system to handle rather than trying to repeat it.

> or maybe like tab inside browser.

This is also not planned, because MoI actually already has a system of managing child windows with tabs, which are the various different viewports (3D/Top/Front/Right/Split). That is the tab control down in the bottom command bar:

That would probably be pretty strange to add yet another tab system that controlled the window contents in a different way.

Also in general it is a goal for MoI to be set up more like a document editing program (which have transitioned to "Single Document Interface" as more of a standard, for example in Microsoft Office), rather than a web browser application.

- Michael