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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Anis,

> I just dont like so many MoI opens in the windows bar.

But you previously used MS Word as an example - don't you see the exact same thing with Word as well with an entry in the task bar for each open Word document?

Ever since Word 2000, MS has been moving away from the "Multiple Document Interface" method which is when there is only one main frame window open with child document windows contained inside of it.

Instead since the Office 2000 release Word has been switched to "Single Document Interface" (by default anyway), where doing something like File/Open in Word opens up a new independent window, with its own entry in the system task bar. They also show up additionally in the "Window" menu inside of Word itself like you were mentioning, but that is kind of a remnant of the old MDI system.

In general there has been a shift over the years away from MDI and towards SDI, for document editing type programs. That's due to a lot of people getting confused with how MDI works, where there are things like independent minimize/close buttons for sub-documents, a lot of people had gotten confused between those sub-controls and the main window controls. That's one of the main reason for that general shift away from the "contained document window" type environment.

There is a big exception that web browsers have moved differently than this, toward using a tabbed type MDI system. The tab-type system does avoid some of the problems with "traditional MDI" by not having a full set of sub-window controls (like usually not a minimize/restore function for each sub-window in the tabbed system rather than in the full MDI system).

But MoI more generally resembles a document editor in function than a web browser, so it is a better goal for MoI to try and work more similar to an editor program rather than a web browser.

MoI behaves as it does with a Single Document Interface type system to actually work more similar in function to newer versions of Word. That's why it is kind of confusing to me that you used Word as an example - MoI is already functioning in a similar way.

- Michael