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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Anis,

> Yes I know that, but will it consume more memory... ?
> When I check in the task manager here it is :

Wow, I'm surprised that you are worried so much about that - you do realize that is only a small amount of memory that you are showing being used there, right?

That's 26MB.

If you have a machine with 3GB of memory, that means you have 3072MB available.

So in other words, that means each instance of MoI there is using less than 1% of your available memory.

Why is that a problem?

Also note that if you minimize any of those MoI instances, then Windows will flush any memory not being actively used to the swap file, and you will see the amount of memory for a new instance shrink down to be even smaller, more like 4MB.

If you minimize one of those MoI instances while your task manager is still open you should be able to see this happen.

I've actually done quite a bit of work to result in this small amount of memory use.... I'm not sure why you have posted it as a problem, what you are showing there is quite efficient!

- Michael