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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Ella,

> Will it be possible to have different objects shown and
> hidden in each viewpanel, or will that be synchronized
> between viewpanels?

The hidden state is currently a flag on an object, there is no separate per-viewport flag on every object, so the additional view panel would reflect the same object hidden status as the main window's view panel.

> Also, will it be possible to have different snap values between viewpanels?

No, similarly the snap value is a single global value set in the object model: moi.grid.snapSize

There is no per-viewport or per-viewpanel snap size set up. Once you set the snap size it will be the same in all views.

Otherwise making a bunch of things like this be individually set per viewport or viewpanel would require quite a lot more elaborate UI for manipulating those settings. Right now to set the snap size there is just a simple field for it under Options / Grid - it is really easy to understand how that works, you just set it and that is the setting that you get in every viewport.

Having settings that were different per viewport or viewpanel would require a different mechanism, maybe multiple entry points for the settings, or additional drop-downs that are interconnected with the input fields. There is a lot of potential for confusion when adding such elaborate mechanisms for dealing with settings. For example someone will go in and change a setting, and then wonder why it has not been applied to some other view that they then switched to temporarily. I've tried pretty hard to avoid these kinds of confusing situations.

The way you would do things like you are describing would instead be to run 2 separate instances of MoI, that would allow you to have individual settings for these things per running instance.

The additional viewpanel mechanism that I want to add in the future will not be like that, it is intended to share the same session settings as the current main window viewpanel does, basically it will be intended to work in a very similar way as the main window's current viewpanel, it will be more intended to let you do things like have a maximized "Top" view on a second monitor while working in a maximized 3D view on the other monitor, stuff like that - but each of those views would behave in a way similar to how they currently do.

- Michael