Open file in multiple window

 From:  Michael Gibson
2613.11 In reply to 2613.10 
Hi Anis,

> So what I mean is Menu Window like my previous software
> ( SWX ). Even open many files, it will keep "one" aplication
> in the Window taskbar.

Sorry - no, I'm not currently planning on doing that. MoI is designed to function like the more recent versions of Word where each document is opened in its own separate window.

This is not a particularly easy thing to me to change back and forth between, so it is not likely that I will be able to make any option to control this anytime soon.

Whether there are separate items listed in the taskbar or only one item is listed there, that's really something that is up to Microsoft to control - they are the ones who have designed how the taskbar behaves.

But I believe in Windows 7 they have granted your wish already, and only have a single item in the taskbar for every open application, with a menu that pops up when you move over that item. That should apply to every application running in Windows 7, including MoI.

I think that it is also possible to get a similar kind of behavior in earlier versions of Windows by adjusting a registry setting to make application entries in the taskbar combine into one item always. If you want to set up your taskbar to work like that, check out these pages:

- Michael