From:  Michael Gibson
2595.2 In reply to 2595.1 
Hi Philip, I'm glad that you are liking the new beta! That is great that the new browser is useful already.

re: wishlist - actually the first 2 items on your list are already in there.

> - Have Moi display somewhere which file is open.

This is displayed when you open a 3DM file (3DM is MoI's "native" file type that can contain all the information that MoI uses) in the upper right area of the window, here:

Also you can pause your mouse on top of that to see the full path like this:

Opening up some other type than .3dm does not set the current filename, which is intentional since other file types do not store 100% of the information that you may create in MoI. For example an AI file can only hold 2D curves and not any 3D data.

If other file types became the current filename when they were opened, it would just be too easy for you to lose data when you hit the "Save" button.

> - When opening a file and saving it as another format it includes
> the original filename (with new extension) as the name.

This one is also working currently, here is what you should be seeing:

When you do a SaveAs, the file dialog will be initialized to hold the current file name:

If you switch the drop-down to a different format, like here I pick OBJ format:

Then the original file name is modified to have the new extension like you were asking:

Do you see something different from these behaviors on your machine?

- Michael