Unable to create Direct3d9 device

 From:  Michael Gibson
2587.2 In reply to 2587.1 
Hi aa13x,

This message means that the Direct3D system in Windows returned an error message back to MoI when it tried to initialize the 3D display system.

There are a few different possible things that can cause this.

One is if you have previously turned off hardware acceleration on your machine. Sometimes people may do this to make some types of screen recording software work better. If this is the case, then just make sure to turn the hardware acceleration back on.

You can also get this message if you have a much older video card that does not support the minimal functions that MoI needs. This is only likely to happen with a card that is something like more than 7 or so years old though.

If you can let me know what video card you have you in your system, I can tell you if that is the problem or not.

Finally, it is also possible for there to be some installation problem with the Direct3D system. To test for this, you can try going to Start / Run, and type in "dxdiag.exe" - this will run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, and you can go to the Display tab in there and push the button labeled "Test Direct3D". If the tests fail then there is something wrong with Direct3D on your system and you should probably try to install the latest DirectX update, and probably also install the latest version of your video driver.

- Michael