Rhino 5 beta

 From:  neo
Are these changes are gonna effect Moi/Rhino compatibility in any way. Or has nothing to do with the openNurbs project?

Quote from here http://community.irhino3d.com/forums/t/789.aspx
{McNeel recently held a meeting with Rhino resellers and plug-in developers. One of the things we talked about was future plug-in directions. McNeel strongly suggests that Windows plug-in developers use .NET for plug-in development, because it is a much simpler development environment than MFC.

When I talked to these developers about plug-in options on the Mac, I said that the state of .NET plug-ins on the Mac was "Unknown". I originally was going to say "Cannot be done" but Steve Baer, one of the Windows developers, observed that we don't know yet whether it can be done or not. But we made it clear to the plug-in developers not to make any plans that assume .NET plug-ins will work on the Mac.

We are very aware of the Mono project and the possibilities it provides. I've also worked on too many cross-platform projects to optimistically say that Mono is a solution. We'll see if we can do something with Mono in the future, but it will be a lot of work, and it will not be a magic bullet. It will still require a fair amount of careful work by plug-in developers for something like Mono to work. At a minimum, a plug-in developer will have to separate all UI-related code from the rest of the plug-in and write two different versions of the UI, one for Windows and one for Mac. This, by the way, is exactly what is happening with the Mac port.

And, to be clear, Rhinoscript will never run on the Mac. There's just too much Windows-specific stuff in there. If you want a cross-platform scripting language, use Python in V5.
Marlin Prowell}

{Apple provides stellar support for Python in OS X 10.5. You can create a first-class application using only Python on 10.5. (A first-class application is one that looks and acts exactly like a native compiled application).

So the plan is to use IronPython on Windows and Apple's version of Python on the Mac. (Yet another reason for requiring 10.5). We've talked about this internally, and we plan to have a Python interface library on each platform that would provide identical functionality. You would put:
import RhinoLib
(to make something up) in your script and this would provide access to the equivalent of all the Rhino. functions in RhinoScript. The internal implementation of RhinoLib would probably be different on the two platforms, but you don't need to worry about that. Your Python script will run exactly the same on both platforms.

There's core Rhino code changes necessary to support this, and that work is being done in the Rhino V5 code, so we cannot provide any of this until after V5 WIP versions get released.
Marlin Prowell}