Rhino 5 beta

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Eric, welcome back from your trip!

Yeah the new MoI v2 beta can now transfer layers to and from Rhino, in MoI they are called "Styles" and are part of the new scene browser.

I think you had asked about that in the past, so hopefully this new function should make it easier for you to use MoI in combination with Rhino.

re: Rhino v5 - right now I think that you'll have to do a Save As "Rhino v3" or "Rhino v4" formats for those files to be brought into MoI, same as you have to do to make them work with Rhino v4 as well like you mentioned.

It looks like I can make a small adjustment to the reading code to make MoI read in most stuff directly from a v5 file, although it looks like layer assignments will not come through yet so you'll probably still want to use the Save As v4 method for a while yet.

When they release the v5 OpenNURBS toolkit I may be able to do some further tweaks to make some more stuff come through properly, but I'm not sure yet what kind of changes there are in the format.

You may want to ask them if there is an option available to make files be saved in the V4 format by default since that would probably make file transfer a bit easier for now if you could set it to do that.

- Michael