"Blend" command to build tips and caps...

 From:  Jesse
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There are two issues with this though:

1. Often, I would like to provide MoI with only a point as the “tip” of the shape, but that does not seem to work then as MoI ignores the point and does not consider it to be a surface..
2. Sometimes, the fuselage part is made of several sub-parts(and thus as many edges) even though it was generated in one go by the program (this is probably due to curvature I guess). In that case, I do not seem to be able to use Blend versus a shape that does not have similar sub-parts (say a 4-part semi-cylinder and a flat cap). I can extract the edge of the first part and join the parts, but then I have only a curve, not the surface from which to draw continuity.

Hi Jean-Paul,

This is just a thought...can you use the *rebuild* script on your build curves so than you can generate a single surface rather than polysurfaces?
It usually works for me when I'm working on a model where I don't care if I don't have totally sharp edges. They still look pretty sharp but have
a nearly imperceptible roundness on the edges and corners due to rebuilding the curves from which they were generated..