"Blend" command to build tips and caps...

 From:  JPBWEB
Hello all,

I am modelling a lot of oblong objects (plane fuselage, ship hulls etc.) either by sweep or loft but mostly by network. It is often hard to model the whole object in one go, as the caps (nose, stern etc.) have sharp turns etc. so that I have to model these separately, which creates continuity problems. Depending on the shape, I have found that it is sometimes possible to use Blend for this if I can give MoI a “tip”, i.e. a flat or other surface to use for curvature.

There are two issues with this though:

1. Often, I would like to provide MoI with only a point as the “tip” of the shape, but that does not seem to work then as MoI ignores the point and does not consider it to be a surface..
2. Sometimes, the fuselage part is made of several sub-parts(and thus as many edges) even though it was generated in one go by the program (this is probably due to curvature I guess). In that case, I do not seem to be able to use Blend versus a shape that does not have similar sub-parts (say a 4-part semi-cylinder and a flat cap). I can extract the edge of the first part and join the parts, but then I have only a curve, not the surface from which to draw continuity.

Am I missing something obvious here?