likelyhood of new beta in next couple of days?

 From:  Michael Gibson
2564.2 In reply to 2564.1 
Hi Rob - yeah it is getting close... Still wrapping up a few things which may take me until Sunday. By that point I think I will just cut it loose even if some parts are not quite finished.

But I'm not so sure with your very close target date that it would be good to wait. There is always the possibility with a new release that there could be bugs that need to be worked out, so it would probably not be wise to bank everything on a brand new release helping you out to such a degree on a deadline just so short a time after the release...

I mean I hope that it would do that for you, but the combination of "brand new beta release" + "very tight immediate deadline" just has some potential for problems, it is probably best not to force that combination together.

- Michael