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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi lyes,

> HI Michaeal yes is like Burman said is ability to see the center pt
> off circle and arc ( grey cross ) without selecting it .

You mean always displayed under all circumstances, regardless of whether you are in a command that can actually do something to the center point or not?

I've intentionally tried to only make those center points show up when they can actually be used for something, so that's why they show up only when you are picking a point and you have object snaps enabled.

Otherwise if they were to show up all the time, your screen could get pretty filled up with a bunch of things that don't really have any purpose for what you are currently doing...

> 2: is when you selecte circle and arc the possibylity to
> move it from its center pt without calling the comand move

Yeah, I understand this one - this is different than snapping, this would be a new "grip" same as the scaling and rotation grips on the edit frame currently.

I do want to experiment with adding this in the future. I'm not quite sure exactly when, I am a little worried about making grips that can possibly overlay to the interior of the object.

The current grips stay all around the outside of the currently selected object which is a pretty nice thing, it keeps them away from taking up clickable space from the inside of the object.

A center grip would not be like that anymore, it would be over top of the object instead of only around it, so it would possibly cause some interference problems that the current grips do not cause. Maybe that will not cause much of a problem, but maybe it will.

That means that it may take some experimentation to see how that works.

Sometimes experimentation can take extra time, so I'm not quite sure right now exactly when I will be able to get to this one, it is possible not until v3 since I am trying to wrap up v2 right now so it is not a great time for new experiments right at this time, the new object organization tools are pretty much taking all the effort in that area right now.

- Michael