Phone video tutorial

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Burr, yeah I think that probably lyes would be the one to answer your questions there for sure.

> The only time I dont see it is when I dont have a command selected.

Yeah, it will only show up when there is a pointpicker running, when such things as object snaps are active.

> Could he just be wanting the ability to see it with no command selected?

Well, that was one part that he was talking about earlier, I thought we were on to a slightly different topic but maybe not...

I guess the part that may have confused me is this one:
center point visiblity for snaping i think is a must just small grey or black cross is good enough

Normally I use that term "snapping" for things that control the pointpicker, such as grid snap, object snap, and straight snap.

Anyway, those little gray X target markers are in there for this purpose of making it easier to home in on particular snap points that may otherwise be a bit difficult to target.

- Michael