Phone video tutorial

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi lyes,

> center point visiblity for snaping i think is a must
> just small grey or black cross is good enough

Actually there should already be a small gray X being shown at center point snaps, same as for all snaps, unless you have possibly turned that off?

This is what it should look like - notice the small X markers that appear on osnap targets that are within a semi-wide area around the mouse:

You can see one above there marking the center point as an available snap, as well as one on each of the 2 nearest quadrants.

By default those are on, but it is possible to turn them off in moi.ini, check your moi.ini file under the [Drawing Aids] section for these values:


If you have it set to ObjectSnapShowMarkers=n, then change it back to =y to enable them. Also you can increase the opacity value there to make them more substantial, that value can go up to 255 for being fully opaque.

- Michael