Relative Scaling, Space Navigator, AI Export, and Views

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi OSTexo,

> I have a need to scale an entire object while keeping the
> aspect locked while using a portion of the object as the
> guide to scale. For example, I have an SMA connector that
> I need to scale larger a bit but want the entire assembly
> to scale along with it in size. Is this possible to do in Moi?

Yup, you can just use the Transform/Scale command to do that.

There are 3 sub varieties of scaling available under there, the plain "Scale", then "Scale 2D", and "Scale 1D".

For maintaining a locked aspect ratio you want the first one, which does a uniform scale in all directions. The other ones scale either in 2D leaving the z alone, or only in one direction for Scale1D.

During the scale command you can either enter in a scale factor, or you can pick points on your model which allows you to scale based on reference points on your model.

The help file section for Scale goes over this in some detail with some step-by-step screenshots:

In v2 there is also a new "edit frame" available for scaling, which you can use for quick scaling tasks. But use the Transform/Scale command instead if you want to scale by referencing particular points in the model.

> Also, does Moi have Space Navigator support?

Yup, just use it when you are running MoI, you don't need to do anything special to set it up.

There are a variety of options for adjusting its behavior under Options / View / Rotate/Pan/Zoom options, there is a section on the right there for "3Dconnexion options".

re: Export to AI

Yeah I think the major missing functionality here is that only existing edges are exported, it will not generate things like silhouettes.

I do want to beef this area up in the future though, hopefully in v3 I will be able to add in curve generation for making proper hidden-line views.

- Michael