Text along curve

 From:  Michael Gibson
2560.7 In reply to 2560.6 
Hi Burr - Array does something like that if you want to replicate one object along the curve, so your end result is many copies of the same object at different orientations.

But for example with text you don't want to repeat one object over and over again, because you want to use different letters.

I mean it can work for text if all you want is text that says: "AAAAAAAAAAAAA" for example.. :)

If you want your text to say something like "This is some text", then that won't work with Array because that is not just replicating one object over the curve, that involves placing the first letter "T" at the beginning, then placing the second letter "h", then placing the third letter, etc...

Does that make sense?

That why it would be a separate tool to deform an existing block of objects, rather than replicate a single object which is what all the various array tools are focused on doing.

But probably I'll be able to add in an option specifically for Text for doing it along a curve sometime before a general deformation type tool would be ready.

- Michael