Text along curve

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Ella - for the first one there is something similar to that which I set up back in Rhino called "Flow along curve".

The way it works is that you pick 2 curves, a "source backbone" curve, and then a "target backbone" curve. Then it will basically for every point in the object it will find the closest point on the source backbone curve, and make note of what percentage along the curve that is, and then go to the same percentage along the target backbone to place it in the new position.

I'd like to set up something for that in MoI as well when I get a chance to work on deformation type tools. I'm not quite sure exactly when that will happen though. Also it is pretty difficult to get this kind of morphing to work on solids without having joined edges between trimmed surfaces pull apart... The difficulty in that particular area is one reason why I have not really tried to get into those kinds of deformation tools yet.

For that second one, for points as the copy target I think that Petr wrote a custom command that can do that for you in MoI now, check out his CopyToPoints command:

- Michael