Text along curve

 From:  Dymaxion
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Would it be possible to (probably a v3 thing, I'm assuming) extend the "align" tool? I'm imagining something that would take a pre-defined set of objects (like, say, text, or anything else, really) and lay them out in an array-like manner. Even if it was restricted to linear arrays only (as the 2d/3d cases could become a bit of a pain), this could be kind of handy -- set a group of objects and an initial direction (to determine the ordering of the objects), and then pick either a linear layout, a spiral, a path... maybe have an option to maintain either the relative or absolute spacing, or evenly distribute them, and to either maintain their orientation or rotate them to be normal to the path, based on their current orientation along the base line. I'm not sure if this would be too special purpose or not, but I can see this being something I'd use in other cases as well -- text on a path isn't something I do that often, but being able rearrange things quickly in complex ways is really nice, in terms of saving a lot of slow manual work.

Another variant that might be nice, along these lines (less related to text, now) is a "copy over selected" command -- select a source object, and then a bunch of targets -- possible points, but ideally just generic objects, and then the selected objects are replaced with the source. Finding the actual target point might be too problematic, but I could see it being sufficiently useful even if you just, say, centered the bounding boxes on each other. Then again, most of the uses for this would be replaced by having live clones of an object, instead of just deep copies, so maybe getting that working is a better use of time.