A quick model (ship)

 From:  d^^b (DAVID)
Hi tyglik:

I´m using now a full version of rhino, for the ctrl+c and ctrl+v. I didn´t know that itsn´t work in the evaluation copy. I though that it would be a good way for take the curves from blueprints in MoI without "spend" the number of saved files or if you can´t save more times in rhino :-)

About the rastering...I´ve never done it before, but I have seen a rasterized curves file and the curves are very complex, aren´t they? Maybe it is a problem for work with that curves.....what do you think? At the moment, the Pilou method of transparency is wining :-) because the laptop where is the full version of rhino isn´t of mine and is tedious to wait to take and use it.

Sorry for the wrong information :-)