PDF wrong import scale/size.

 From:  rhodesy
Thanks for the explanation Michael. Yes it looks like i attached the pdf without the crop marks so attaching one with and the 3dm showing it imported. I guess it's no biggie changing down the units for import just as long as i remember! But getting a consistent origin point (and close to the moi one) is important. I have drawn a box around the line drawings in archicad and using that to draw my marquee round for export (only exports that area) however what happens if the drawing expands beyond that box at a later date - I will have to grow the box and possibly not get the imported file in the same place? Also It would be nice to have a system that possibly combined the import function (for 2d line type formats such as pdf) with the image import function so we could use some of the same functions - like show in ortho only, even adjusting transparency after all they are being used in a similar way - as blueprints to construct from. I think the update drawing request (raised by someone in another thread) is a great one as these things get updated all the time and it's a pain replacing all the old drawings on each view not to mention the increased scope for an error. Hope this can get included too.

Thanks again..................Got a couple of more requests/suggestions too but i'll start another thread for that one! ;-)