PDF wrong import scale/size.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Rob - PDF is normally meant for holding printed page output, so I just was not expecting to get one that is set up in Meters, since is unusual to have a printer that prints out pages many meters across.

Unfortunately PDF files do not really contain a marker in them for what units were used to save the file - instead they are always set up using a unit system called "Points", where 1 Point = 1/72 of an inch.

The way it works currently in MoI is that if you have your unit system set to either Millimeters, Centimeters, or Inches at the time that you do the import, then MoI will preserve the scale for you and translate from "Points" to your current unit system.

Otherwise MoI will assume that you are not interested in preserving the units and instead will just scale all values in the PDF file by 1/20 so that the import won't be using numbers like x=600, y=1500 which are common values to see in a typical file, but which turn out to be rather large for the way that MoI is set up.

I guess you are using PDF more as a data transfer mechanism in this case rather than as a printing target like it is more normally used for?

Anyway, hopefully the above explanation will give you enough information to clear up what you are seeing.

Unfortunately, if I were to try to preserve units when someone had their units set to meters, it would probably be confusing to some other people since their page would import at a quite small size since normally a printed page is a lot smaller than even 1 meter in size.

- Michael