PDF wrong import scale/size.

 From:  rhodesy
This is a weird one. I have opened a DWG in Archicad and saved it out as a PDF in order to bring it into MOI (scaled at 1:100). However when i import it the drawing is too large by about 30%. I have printed the PDF out and it is the correct size/scale so I know the PDF is correct. Im not sure why MOI is sizing it wrong. I work in mm in Archicad and M in MOI so both metric. Using the Jan Beta.

Cheers for any help here as im a bit stuck!

EDIT: The drawing also comes in about 90M away from the origin even though the drawing is close to the origin in archicad. Not a biggie in this case but is there any reason why this happens like this? - Even better when are we likely to see something like DXF support?

EDITED: 6 Apr 2009 by RHODESY