To Michael... Is this a bug?

 From:  Michael Gibson
253.6 In reply to 253.3 
> Check the attachment. It seems that the circle starts from zero diameter
> and ends to the highest value from both ends but not covering the same
> length of the curve.

Yeah, this was a bug in the geometry library - I've fixed it up for the next beta so it will be consistent along the length as you would expect.

> Even better, this should be adjustable, don't you agree?

The way you can adjust this for the sweeps is by placing the cross-section at a particular spot on the rail, or also by placing more cross-sections.

For example if you want the maximum bulge of the pointy sweep to be at this particular point:

Then draw a circle there. To easily draw the circle, do Circle/Center, place the center point at the spot on the curve, then check the "Vertical" checkbox option before you click the radius point - this lets you draw a circle that is flipped up from the plane and it should be easy to track it perpendicular to the curve like that. Then when you sweep with it, you should get this type of result:

By using this method you should be able to control the placement of the maximum spot as a workaround for the bug in the current beta.

Eventually I do want to show some grip points so that you can slide around the cross-sections that were placed in the "auto-place" mode to fine tune things. I think this would be more the type of adjustment that you're looking for. But I don't think that I will have that particular thing ready for V1.

- Michael