To Michael... Is this a bug?

 From:  Michael Gibson
253.4 In reply to 253.1 
> A freeform curve and a circle. I make a sweep. When I choose the
> options of which end will be pointy, the two (end, both) don't work.
> Please verify that

In this case you won't be able to get a pointy spot on the end where the circle is at.

For sweeping, when you position a profile at a spot along the curve, the surface that is generated will use that profile at that spot. Since that is at the end of the curve in this case, it can't be both the shape of the circle and also a point. For sweeping the shape will always take precedence.

To get both pointy ends, you could do that by positioning the circle somewhere more in the middle of the curve instead of right at the end.

You can also use the cool "auto-placement" mode for sweep. Auto-placement is when you draw your profile curves away from the rail. Imagine a box surrounding the rail - for auto placement mode the profiles must be located outside of this box. You just draw them flat on the plane.

Here is an example:

When you do the sweep in this auto-placement manner, the profile curve will be automatically rotated and moved perpendicular to the rail curve. And if you choose "both pointy" ends, it will position the profile at the center of the curve so that both ends can become pointy.

You can also use multiple profiles for auto-placement mode, just arrange them in a rough left-to-right order.

> Thanks, I hope that small tests like that will help you.

They definitely do!

- Michael