Translation Handle

 From:  Michael Gibson
2525.2 In reply to 2525.1 
Hi Metriod - actually you can already translate objects just by clicking and dragging on them.

If you want to move only in one axis direction, make sure that "Straight snap" is enabled in the bottom toolbar, when it is enabled (highlighted in orange) that will make it possible to move in only one axis direction by keeping your mouse near to that axis.

Here's a quick demo of this in action:

So to do that kind of translation, just click on an object, keep the mouse button held down and drag away and you will be doing that type of translation that you were asking about.

Also a new function for v2 is an edit frame that shows up around objects in the 2D views (or in the 3D view on a planar object). This allows you to do scaling and rotation type functions, here are some demos of that in action:

One of the things that is pretty cool about this edit frame is that it allows for accurate snaps in many situations, rather than just waving the mouse around to scale things by an arbitrary amount which usually that "manipulator" style that you are showing is limited to.

For example here I scale a shape using the edit frame, and there is a snap available to make the object scaled by the exact amount to fit between the 2 other objects:

At some point in the future I'm also thinking about adding in an optional manipulator like you show there for tweaking things in the 3D view. But I don't think that it will be quite as generally useful as the edit frame when you are modeling accurate things.

So anyway, that edit frame is a major new function coming for MoI v2. You can actually use it in the current v2 beta release which you can get from here:

- Michael