Translation Handle

 From:  BurrMan
2525.14 In reply to 2525.13 
I really like the edit frame and I suppose the issue is how to enable it on a 3d object in the 3d viewport, which is something left to you. It would be cool to have that on solids in the 3d viewport also.

It seems like the obstacle would be "whats its reference point to the selected object or group?" Which you have discussed with me before. I would think that the only real "solution" would be to have that be "definable", so like with the "hotpoint" we have discussed, It's arbitrary position doesnt produce accuracy, but having it Movable or settable, like the rotator hotpoint would make it a useful, accurate tool.

So, the 2d edit frame with an added Origin snap, could be good. I guess what would still be limiting is how the frame is applied to odd or grouped shapes. Possibly a world coords "6 sided box" although I dont know how to follow that through to find the limitations.