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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Burr, yeah if you hit a button which then triggered a mode where after that you then picked points in the viewport that could work to provide the accuracy.

But I'd certainly like to avoid needing to have extra button clicks if possible.

In MoI with the 2D edit frame you don't have to click a button to enter into "scale mode" for instance, it is something that is just automatically available to you since those edit frame grips show up after you do any selection, without you having to go to a button and trigger a "scale mode" or "rotate mode", etc...

Instead if you want to scale, you go to the scale grip and drag it. If you want to rotate, you go to the rotate grip and drag it.

It's quicker to have things available immediately rather than with additional button presses, so it would be good not to lose this advantage.

Here's an example of that in action - here I'm doing scaling, moving, and rotation all in rapid sequence without clicking any buttons or typing any keys to enter special modes, it is all done just by clicking and dragging on the various grips (or on the object or points directly for moving):

- Michael