fillet problems

 From:  Michael Gibson
2510.9 In reply to 2510.6 
Hi Armin,

> One more question. In case I run into another split face in
> the future, is there a way to repair that without recreating
> the part?

Often times you can do a bit of localized surgery to the shape rather than full rebuild.

For example, you can select faces, delete them, sweep in a replacement face, trim if necessary to the other existing edges, then use Join to glue it in and make a solid again.

There is a tutorial here:
which goes into some details on how to do some "low level" surface tweaking type stuff, like in that case it is a boolean that was done in the wrong place, and the tutorial is about how to salvage the shape by repairing localized areas of it.

> I guess I could delete that face and just fill it in with the planar command?

Yeah the things you want to repair are all planar then that is the easiest way.

- Michael