fillet problems

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Armin,

> Since I would have to select a huge amount of edges to
> achieve my goal, is there an easier way?

Just use a window select - after you select one edge with a click, then you can use window select to target additional edges.

Also there are different window select modes, if you start from the left and go towards the right it will only use things that are completely captured inside the window, and if you start on the right and go towards the left it will grab any that intersect the window.

So for a case like this, you want to use Right-to-left mode (it will show a dashed window outline) and just barely miss the bottom part to get what you want.

Here's a video:

It doesn't matter which edge you select first (as long as it is not one of the ones on the bottom that you don't want selected) - when any edge or face is selected then window select targets edges or faces as well.

> I'm thinking of something like selecting the whole part
> and than deselecting just the edges I don't want to be filleted?

You could do that too, but the way above is faster I think. If you did want to deselect edges you would probably want to do a window deselect of them instead of a one-by-one click - to do that hold down Ctrl when doing the window.

> Or maybe selecting the edges I don't want to be rounded
> and than invert my selection?

Yeah, you can do that as well, Invert is available under the Select menu on the side pane.

It can be convenient to set up invert on a keyboard shortcut, so you can type I for invert. To do that go to Options / Shortcut keys and put in this for the command:

script:var gd = moi.geometryDatabase; gd.invertSelection();

I'll try to look at your other questions a bit later.

- Michael