fillet problems

 From:  armin
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Hi Michael, thanks for sending me that file, and yes it works, that's kinda what I was heading for. Though I don't really want to have a fillet around the bottom face or the edges of that "tunnel", which actually raises another question. Since I would have to select a huge amount of edges to achieve my goal, is there an easier way? I'm thinking of something like selecting the whole part and than deselecting just the edges I don't want to be filleted? Or maybe selecting the edges I don't want to be rounded and than invert my selection?

I was also playing a little bit more around with those parts myself, after posting my initial problem yesterday. I also noticed that split on the curved face and was wondering if this might be the problem. So I started remodeling that part. My first assumption was that the problem might have been caused by some edges that I copied from an existing part, but after the extrusion the splits didn't show up. So I took the next step and cut that rounded face (Boolean Diff) with a curve, also a copied edge from existing geometrie. Since this edge initially wasn't long enough to cut through the whole part, I extended it at both ends. And the width of the extension is exactly where that trimmed surface gets split. Not sure if this is supposed to happen? Anyways after trimming the part with a new curve (arc), the curved surface looked ok, no more split lines, and of course the fillet command works now. I attached that file, maybe you can see why this extended curve behaves that way, and maybe this is just the way it is? Does this also mean DO NOT USE EXTENDED CURVES FOR TRIMMING? I also noticed, after turning on the points for that particular curve, there are a lot (relative :) ) of points, why don't they cause the trimmed surface to split?

One more question. In case I run into another split face in the future, is there a way to repair that without recreating the part? I guess I could delete that face and just fill it in with the planar command?

Thanks in advance