fillet problems

 From:  Michael Gibson
2510.5 In reply to 2510.4 
Hi Armin,

re: fillet all edges - there are a couple of areas in here that have things split up into a couple of pieces instead of one big piece which MoI's filleter does not like. Also a couple of edges were split into multiple edge pieces.

For example here:

I've attached a tuned-up version, - if you unzip that and load in that version, you should now be able to fillet the whole model in one go, here is what it looks like with radius 0.1 :

Basically if you can get things into a sort of "one single surface sheet per smooth area", that has a lot better shot at being filleted. The filleter doesn't even like it if you have planes made up of several co-planar fragments, instead of one big trimmed plane.

- Michael