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 From:  Frenchy Pilou (PILOU)
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I know a crazzy damned good french arstist Marcel who has a terrific method of work :)
He modelize in Zbrush and export for Rhino !!! (after rendering Carrara, painting any 2D soft)
As Zbrush is Poly and Rhino Nurbs he must redraw all curves from the polymeshes!!!
He retake all "section curves" from poly and loft them!
(I understand now better the method after used MoI, before it was some nebulous :D
I don't know many other artist who make the same :)
Of course he his a Zbrush modeling Master and a Rhino Master and a drawing/painter Master :)

Some thread where he explain the crazzy technic (explore the pages) and see post #33 truelly amazing!!! slide the page)
(yes the heads had re loft in Rhino) crazzy works indeed!

You can see some view of this crazzy illustrator works here many images :)

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