Importing question...

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Yes, this is a problem trying to go in this direction (from Polygon data to NURBS data).

There is not really a natural way to go in this direction - NURBS data is not really meant to be made up of a large quantity of small planar facets.

This particular result that you're getting with the line curves is something specific to how Deep Exploration decided to handle this problem. Maybe if you look around there could possibly some kind of an option to have it generate a surface for each tri/quad instead of just the curve outline. But typically this will create a much larger (in memory and disk size) model, so that's probably why they didn't do it by default (or possibly even do it at all). Since some meshes are pretty dense with polygons, the size can get out of hand pretty easily.

There are some fancy reverse engineering programs that are able to take polygon data and fit proper larger surfaces over it instead of doing it face-by-face. But these are extremely expensive specialized programs.

> I mean, if .OBJ import ever comes to MOI, and I import polygonal data
> via .OBJ, will I have the same issue?

Yeah, it's basically a fundamental problem in the data representation.

Once you have built something with polygons, you're kind of stuck processing it with other polygon-based programs. Something like the getting the wireframe into MoI could help if you wanted to use that mesh as a starting point to help build a new NURBS model, but that is a lot different than handling the geometry directly...

- Michael