Semi OT: 3DM Viewer now available

 From:  AdderD
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>Hi AdderD, it's a cool project and I think it will be useful as you make more progress on it.
>Is there any way to make it smaller in size? It's not really too bad, but it looks like a 6.2 MB download. Just to give you a frame of reference MoI v1's full >retail install is 6.4 MB.
>It looks like Qt support DLLs are taking up almost all of the size - looks like 14MB worth of stuff for Qt? (when uncompressed)
>That seems like it may be a downside of using Qt - you didn't happen to mention that part when you recommended Qt on that other thread!!
>The reason why I ask about the size is that if it could get smaller it would open up a few different additional possibilities, like making it easier to send to >someone as an e-mail file attachment along with a model. With the current size it is kind of getting out from being able to do that easily.
>At any rate, it is a cool project, thanks for posting about it here!

Yes, I'm taken aback by how large QT is as well. It really does make the zip pretty big for such a small project.

Eventually I am going to compile QT as a static library and link against it. Also, the current EXE has it's full symbol table and all that goodness in there. Once I get to a stable version I'll strip the EXE of all debugging info. Between static linking and stripping the EXE it should become much smaller. Then I could use something like UPX to compress the resulting EXE. The hope is to get a single file version under 2MB.

On an unrelated note, I've been making new builds pretty much daily. I will be updating SVN in a little bit. I'll probably post another binary build tonight. So if things don't work for anyone or there are other issues maybe check back in a couple of days and see if there is a build to correct the issue.