Semi OT: 3DM Viewer now available

 From:  Michael Gibson
2509.3 In reply to 2509.1 
Hi AdderD, it's a cool project and I think it will be useful as you make more progress on it.

Is there any way to make it smaller in size? It's not really too bad, but it looks like a 6.2 MB download. Just to give you a frame of reference MoI v1's full retail install is 6.4 MB.

It looks like Qt support DLLs are taking up almost all of the size - looks like 14MB worth of stuff for Qt? (when uncompressed)

That seems like it may be a downside of using Qt - you didn't happen to mention that part when you recommended Qt on that other thread!!

The reason why I ask about the size is that if it could get smaller it would open up a few different additional possibilities, like making it easier to send to someone as an e-mail file attachment along with a model. With the current size it is kind of getting out from being able to do that easily.

At any rate, it is a cool project, thanks for posting about it here!

- Michael