Semi OT: 3DM Viewer now available

 From:  AdderD
I told some people on this forum that I'd post when I released my open source 3DM viewer. Well, the first alpha version is officially released. It's nothing special but it is open source and cross platform so it'll let one view MoI3D models in linux and OSX. Quite frankly it is currently pretty rough but it does work. Future releases are coming. Right now it's available in source code and a windows binary. Let me know if it works for you. If it doesn't work tell me that too. Let me know what you'd like it to do.

Quick pointer: There is no help in there yet. Arrow keys rotate. Left mouse + dragging rotates. Mouse wheel zooms. It has the feel of a tech demo. Be forewarned, it's called an alpha release for a reason. Watch for falling rocks.

Here's the sourceforge project: