How to do this in MOI?

 From:  Michael Gibson
2505.9 In reply to 2505.8 
Hi Pilou,

> about level color : only artistic reason for something like
> landscaping, and possibility to address snow, waters, vegetation

Oh, I see what you mean - a color value by height in z?

But no - that is not at all what was shown in there, it was a curvature analysis based on the curvature values of the surface, not having to do with z values.

> about "Strength of materials" just if libraries exist and are
> easily adapted why not put it inside moi
> (for architectural or engeneering domain :)

As far as I know there is no easily available free library that I could use for structural analysis. It tends to be a complex area that usually has expensive software to handle it.

So the lack of existence of such a library is one problem...

And even if there was such a library, it would still take quite a bit of work to adapt such a thing into MoI.

So that's another reason - if I were to spend time on that I would have to postpone other features because I can't work on many projects all at the same time...

- Michael