How to do this in MOI?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi ingoenius, do you have a 3DM model file that you can post with the results that you did get? That may help me to give you some advice.

But in general MoI does not have as flexible of a blend mechanism yet as what you see in that video.

For MoI I would probably recommend a slightly different technique to get some more control of the "in between" section.

To start with I drew 4 curves in the Top view, on 2 of them I used revolve to make some starting solids:

Now use Trim to cut the revolved solids with the other profiles to make holes there (holes shown highlighted):

Next I drew an Ellipse in the middle section in beween them. You can alter the shape of this ellipse by scaling it down or stretching it out to adjust the final shape.

Next do a Loft through all 3 sections (it can help a bit when you do the Trim to rotate the revolved surfaces so that your cut does not run through the seam edge of the revolve, otherwise if you do cut through the seam edge you will get 2 edges there which will need to be joined to make a single closed loft profile for this stage):

Now the basic shape is there. The produce the final smoothing, join the new lofted piece with the other 2 to make a solid, then select the sharp edges here:

And use Fillet to smooth them out:

Please let me know if you get stuck on any certain part, and if you can please post a model file of what you currently have that also helps a lot.

- Michael