Invert selection and Hide

 From:  Michael Gibson
2504.4 In reply to 2504.1 
Hi niko, I'm going to be trying to simplify this with the next beta so that it is not quite so confusing.

Right now the way it works if you have a selected object, then clicking hide will hide it - so that part is pretty straightforward.

However, if you do not have any selected objects, then it will be using the "show objects" mode instead.

The "show objects" mode is like the "ShowSelected" command in Rhino, where the goal is to allow you to possibly show just some of the currently hidden objects instead of all of them.

In order to allow you to show just some objects, the display is temporarily inverted so that you can see all the hidden objects and select some of them. Then when you hit "Done" or right-click you will exit the temporary mode and those objects you selected in this stage will become un-hidden, with all the ones that you did not select remaining hidden.

While you are in that "select which objects to show" mode, you can also either push "Done" without selecting anything, or right-click in a viewport which is an alias for pushing "Done", or click the Hide button a second time which is in this case another alias for the same thing, which will then show all objects instead of only some objects.

Hopefully that may better explain how it currently works?

I am planning on tuning this up shortly - I'm going to be switching it so that a left-click on Hide will either hide selected objects, or show all objects. Then a right-click will be used for either "isolate selection" (hide all others than currently selected) or "show just some objects" if there was no selection.

Right now to get an actual "isolate" (invert selection then hide) function you need to set up the script that PaQ shows above on a keyboard shortcut rather than using Hide - Hide in the current release of MoI does not really do "isolate", but rather "show some (not necessarily all) objects". It just happens that something similar to "isolate" is one stage of "show some objects".

Let me know if none of this makes any sense... :) But I believe that this will be all cleared up with the changes that I am going to be doing shortly though.

- Michael