From:  Michael Gibson
2503.4 In reply to 2503.3 
Hi Yannada, no there isn't currently any way in MoI to adjust it.

That is possible to do in Rhino and it tends to cause several really weird problems.

For instance, if you receive a file from someone else and you don't happen to be aware that they set the file tolerance to be really loose, it is very surprising when you try to create a new object after having opened that file and see things like big gaps or saggy parts in intersections or fillets. It's really hard to figure out what is going wrong and it is not so easy to remember to check the tolerance.

Even if you set it yourself some time ago it is something that is hard to remember.

So I didn't want to get into those same kinds of problems.

Maybe in the future I can allow some kind of adjustment that will only last for the next operation or only during the current modeling session and not get stored in the file, that may be a possibility later on.

Also another issue is that I want to move to not have a totally fixed tolerance and instead have it adaptive to the overall size of the object. There are just a couple of things that do this currently like Join and Network but I want to add more things that follow this in the future because otherwise it doesn't really work very well with the tolerance being too tiny in comparison with the objects. Like if you have objects that are around 20,000 units in size, then 0.001 is too small in comparison to that, you end up with the same kind of "extremely heavy intersection curve" type problem.

- Michael