My 2 cents after my MOI evaluation

 From:  Michael Gibson
2502.3 In reply to 2502.1 
Hi niko, thanks very much, I'm really glad that you like it! :)

Several of those things like the edit frame and selection are pretty addictive... Pretty soon you may be wondering how you lived without them before. :)

> When is the projected timeframe release of V2?

Well, I had hoped that it would be out already by this time... But some pieces took a while longer to finish that I had thought they would.

It is getting pretty close to the end though, hopefully I can wrap it up within the next 2 months.

> Is it considered a paid release or a free existing customer upgrade?

It will be a paid release, the base price for v2 will be going up to US $295, and there will be an upgrade license available for v1 owners for US $100 (which is the difference in price between v1 and v2).

- Michael