From:  hyltom
The new update is great, and the history tool is good and welcome.

1- But why i can't change the extrude setting of a curve? let say, i extrude anything by 10 mm, if i want to change this to 15 mm, i cant'...will this be working later? Or maybe i haven't find how to do it.

2- Also, it will be great to have the possibility to add some control point on the extrude way. If i extrude a cercle, it become a cylindre and the control point can only be seen at the base. When i remove the cap and the base surface, then the control point appear at the top and at the base and i can add some if i want. But how about having the possibility to add control point on the extrusion way. (see attached file)

3- Will you implement some network curve function later? ...and some extrude curve from object function?...Actually, i would like to know what's your plan for the first release, which function will be there?

Best regards,