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> It looks like I will have some history features for the next beta (maybe by this Friday or maybe on Monday). So for instance you will be able to create a revolved surface and then when you change the curve that was revolved the surface will update.

This is a good beginning. Hope to get more in the future.

>it will probably be a while before it is available. What resolution is your screen at? (like 1024x768, 1280x1024, etc..)

My need is not so urgent, just want to share with you my thought. The resolution of my display is 1680x1050 on a 20". By the way, i really like the fact that you change dynamically the size of the toobar.

>Is there anything in particular that you're thinking about? There are already a lot of differences from Rhino in just the overall UI, just simple things like drawing a line or square is different. Do you mean more like having totally different tools rather than similar constructions like extrude, revolve, etc... ?

I agree with you about the UI and i don't complain, far from that. The UI is much better than Rhino. I was thinking about some new kind of contruction tools or deformation tools. Of course, the basic tools should be here, that's the minimum. Concerning the deformation tools, I would love to see the possibility to deform a surface by using some other surface or a finger pushing some clay... simply like a ball deforming a surface.

Maybe it's enough for today,
I need to think more how I'm using rhino and what's the missing tools that could be very practical.


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