Beginners tutorials for modeling from photos?

 From:  angeliclight
Hi, there,

I'm new to 3d and own MOI as my only app (so far). Does anyone know of any sources that teach you how to model from photographs?

I think I've seen some here and there that use plans and arrange them along each axis, but I don't remember where. Plus, most of the stuff I am interested in doing doesn't have plan reference - not sure if this makes a difference.

More theoretical question, too - is the learning to model process extremly lengthy? I mean, once you learn to model "something" from a photo or plans, is it pretty much the same process? I can understand how your level of knowledge of the software program is going to make a huge difference, so assuming you've got a good grasp of the software.

Thanks, all, for any help, guidance, and direction,

- A