From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Sebastian, I have not heard from other users about this problem.

A blue screen is quite difficult for a user-mode program like MoI to trigger itself - the Operating System keeps operations that can cause blue screens to only be accessible by hardware drivers which run at a different level of privilege than a regular program like MoI.

So that is why blue screens are caused nearly all of the time by bugs in drivers. (or in hardware that is faulty)

But you mentioned that you updated your driver, which would have been the first thing that I would have recommended.

Were you seeing this problem both before and after your most recent driver update, or is it something that only started to happen after the driver update?

> Dateien, die zur Beschreibung des Problems
> beitragen (ggf. nicht mehr verf├╝gbar)
> Mini031409-01.dmp
> sysdata.xml
> Version.txt

It looks like a crash dump was created with at least one of your blue screens - this will be the file named "Mini031409-01.dmp" above, and probably it is in your c:\windows\minidump folder. Can you please send that to me at, and I'll take a look and see if I can determine in what code the crash actually happened, it may give some additional clue.

One thing that kind of stands out is that your video card is a special edition one that does not have any fan on it and is instead only passively cooled by a large heat sink.

If you don't have good air flow through your system's case you could be running into a problem with your card overheating. If that is the case, then it would likely only happen when your card was under a load of working with 3D functions like MoI uses.

That's actually what I would be most suspicious of.... Check to see if the fans on your case are clogged up with dust which may need to be vacuumed out, or if you have pushed it too far close back against a wall where it is not getting air flow through it.

Your particular card is going to be more sensitive to low air flow than most.

Also if you have overclocked your card you may need to set it back to a normal clock level. Look in the Catalyst Control Center and see if there is an overclocking control there, if it allows it, you may try actually underclocking it to see if that makes the problem go away as well.

- Michael