multiple monitors

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>> - can't really see the need for multiple monitors but I guess i only ever use one anyway.

Neither did I till I had them :-)

Over the last few months my work has been adding a second monitor to all the CAD and engineer's stations as they have finally woken up to the productivity gains. It also saves on printing: people open the PDF, specification, email or whatever, on the second screen and read it there rather than print it out.


>> I do like the scalable UI feature very cool having it as a slider!!!

I like this too, but not as much as being able to move palettes onto the second one and arrange them the way I would like, ala Photoshop, Fireworks, modo, etc. ;-)

Of course if we all had 30" LCDs there would be no problem LOL

Still, Michael has said he'll look at it eventually - so I'm hopeful.

[edit]>>even on my Dell laptop 1920x1200 res, MoI look "empty". you can imagine how it looks on 30-inch Displays.

Whoa, my screens are only 1600x1200, what do you guys consider a 'normal' size? [edit]