v2 beta screen issue

 From:  Michael Gibson
2462.6 In reply to 2462.5 
Hi Micha, yes large textures will also consume a lot of video memory as well, if they are particularly high in resolution it can be surprising the amount that they take up.

For example a 4096x4096 image will take up 4 bytes per pixel, so that is

4096x4096x4 = 67108864 bytes = 64 MB .

Normally a 256MB card is plenty for typical usage, but if you are often going to have several very large textures, you might consider upgrading beyond that.

It's also not a bad idea to resize the textures in an image processing program to be somewhat smaller in pixel size.

MoI will automatically resize textures (used for background images) to a maximum size of 2048 (settable in moi.ini, [View] MaxTextureSize=2048) to avoid consuming too much video memory, since video memory is a lot more limited system resource than main system memory. I don't know if there is a similar setting in Rhino, but if there is maybe it is set a bit too high for a 256MB card and should be lowered on your system to cap the maximum texture size that is sent to the video card.

- Michael